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Return Policy


Ιf you wish to exchange or return the product you purchased you may do so within 15 working days from the receiving date in the following two ways: 1. In any 3GUYS store by displaying the proof of purchase or the exchange card. In case the items you wish to return are Bazaar items they can only be returned at the company

Dekelias Ave. 98-102 , Acharnes 2102846440

Avenue Kimis 16, Nea Ionia 2102757318

2. By returning it to the company and placing a new order. You may return the order or part of it . In such case, you are only charged with the return shipping costs.

If you are returning the product due to the company’s fault, we pay for the return shipping costs.

Return options:

a) credit

b) reimbursement.

If you require a refund: In case of purchase by credit card or PayPal the complete amount will be credited back on your card. In case of cash on delivery please provide us with the details of your bank account to deposit the amount within a week. You must return the product in the same condition as it was delivered to you, without having removed the labels. Please complete and send us the designated "Return Form" with the purchased product, which you can find here. You must also return the retail receipt. In case you wish to return the products purchased, please send them to the following address:

98-102 Dekelias Ave., Acharnes 13671 Tel. 2102846440 Fax 2102825800

Upon receipt of the product, your request will immediately be processed. The return will only be approved after the company reviews the returned product and then you will be informed by e-mail about the next steps. The return of your payment will be carried out within 10 working days from the receipt of the returned product. If the company is liable for the return, it will bear the fee for the return of the product. In this case, please contact the 3GUYS e-shop customer service at +30 2102846440 and report the problem. The 3GUYS intends to constantly improve its services towards its customers and therefore you can submit any remark or complaint online via e-mail: [email protected]